Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween You Goblins!


We get about 30-50 Trick or Treaters every Halloween as live in a neighborhood with lots of kids under 15. The smallest of the ghouls and goblins start showing up for goodies about 5pm and we do lights out at 9pm.

Last year the first week of November I scored two bags (.50 each) of these great stickers that have been packed away to be given this Halloween.

In addition we do give away candy. This years budget was $25. A few weeks ago I found these Cars Pez dispensers for .06 each at Rexall. In other years I have overbought and we end up eating a bunch of candy that only contributes to our waistlines. This year if it runs out we will do lights out early.

So, this year keep your eyes peeled for great after Halloween sales for non edible items to give away next year. It is also a great time to pick up craft supplies for fall related items.

Update: October 31,2011 - a completely awesome fall day - warm and quite unlike our regular Halloweens of past (we normally have snow by now) so hubby insisted on making an additional run for extra candy. Any extra calories on our hips are now his fault :)

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