Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top Read - A Review of Happier Than a Billionaire

Last year I started reading Costa Rican blogger Happier Than A Billionnaire. I have a love of travel and follow several bloggers, but none as funny as Nadine Hays Pisani. Every week she posts an episode on her blog of their zero hour work week life after she and her husband Rob sold their Chiropractic practises in the U.S.A, sold all their worldy possessions and fled to Costa Rica in search of a healthier simpler life.

Four years later and they have no regrets. They lead a simple happy life on a budget of approximately $1000 per month caretaking a house for an expat while they start the process of building on their own lot. Hubby and I were fortunate enough to meet up for a beer with Nadine and her husband Rob (both were recently featured on CNN.com)on our recent trip to Costa Rica.

Nadine and I both share a love of travel and a search for happiness that is not necessarily brought on by purchased goods. They are a lovely funny down to earth couple living the life that most dream about (including me) and I highly recommend you purchase her book. Not all rainbows and butterflies, Nadine tells it like it is, the good, the bad, the ugly, the dusty, the beautiful and the hilarious.

My review as posted to Amazon.com:
"What should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking of moving to, or travelling to Central America, Happier than a Billionaire is gut-wrenchingly laugh out loud funny, best read with a nice glass of wine in a lawn chair. Frankly, one of the best travel type books I have ever read, and once you start very difficult to put down. Definitely worth the read!"

This is the one new book you should purchase this year as good luck finding a used copy (I bought a paper version as wanted one for my library).

Before I purchased my copy I was thinking of downloading a kindle version (only $2.99 USD) and found out that even if you don't have a kindle reader you can download kindle for FREE at amazon.com to your laptop(subject to specific memory requirements-see their site for details).

Happy reading!

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  1. Nadine does a great job of combining factual information, detailed story telling and witty humor to entertain the reader. From the first pages you'll be laughing, while wanting to read more to where this journey takes her and her husband. She gains the respect of anyone who has wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of "modern life" and step into a new paradigm of real living and taking a look at what is truly important in their own lives. She includes many life lessons for those who won't take the plunge to move to Costa Rica, in addition to providing several tips for those who want to. Once again, this is all wrapped in her humor and sarcastic spats aimed at her old country home, new land she lives in, her husband and herself. -Matt N.