Friday, August 26, 2011

Friends of Different Shapes, Sizes, Races & Financial Habits

My husband seems amazed at the different kind of friends I have. One of my friends at work drives a Mercedes Benz convertible and owns a weekend house in Arizona (and owes more money than she and her boyfriend are worth). Another is recovering from breast cancer and lives in a one bedroom apartment with her ancient cat and her goodwill treasures. Another close friend is constantly chased by thoughts of a second bankrupcy as she spends, spends, spends, coming from a culture where women have no control over money therefore she learned no good spending skills. He wonders how I can be friends with so many different financially minded people. The answer? Try not to judge. It seems my friend with breast cancer knows the most about me. I met her after she returned to work from recovering from a masectomy. I don't know what she was like before breast cancer but she is my kind of person. I liked her but realized how much we had in common the day she brought artwork bought at the Goodwill down the street to brighten up her pod at work. That day I knew I had a true friend I could freely and openly discuss my love of everything used, including wardrobe. Now, we wink at each other and point to our latest outfit purchased for less than $10 from head to toe while others discuss the latest sale at Coach or the cost of their $50,000 wedding (mine cost $3000 not including rings). I guess with some friends I can be truer to than others.

It does make me sad when my friends struggle with financial issues, but as my friend with cancer says, it really matters very little in the end. What is money anyway, but a means to an end. You can still lead a very happy fulfilled life with very little in the way of money.

Just this week I realized how grateful I am for my very best friend who I have known for eight years now and have been married to for six years next month. As long as I have him I know I could live in a grass hut and be happy. Just food for thought.

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