Monday, April 11, 2011

Geese, Speeding Tickets, Freebies & A Win!

Today is a complete day of high and lows.

Lows because my dear husband, who is an awfully good husband 99% of the time got another speeding ticket by mail today...Good wife mantra: silence is golden.

High because finally the snow is melting quickly and the Canadian Geese are migrating back to have their babies on the ponds behind our house. I caught a great picture of a male goose trying to catch a girl goose's attention today sitting on our neighbor's roof. I did not realize webbed feet can land on asphalt shingle roofs (kind of like Rudolph but more feathers and noise) until moving here. The geese are all paired up staking out their claim two hundred feet apart from the next pair. The second photo is to give context at how hearty these birds are (or optimistic) as they seem to "hatch" the ponds waiting for the ice to clear. When the first set of geese landed two weeks ago there was no open water nor any food. I took some old bread out to them to tide them over until the big thaw.

High because after opening "our" speeding ticket in the mail (my name is on registration too so comes in my name along with his) I listened to our voicemail messages and have apparently my first win of 2011! A mirror valued at $299 (click this link only if you want to see the prize from Finess Home Furnishings)! I will post pictures once I have claimed my prize! I really have not been entering contests for the last two months, this must have been one I entered a few months ago.

More freebies in the mail and with the newspaper this week:
Kelloggs Fibre Plus cereal sample
Dove Men Care free shampoo/conditioner sample

Two tops at Goodwill $12.98 total spent

and not pictured, a Spring Red Jacket purchased last weekend $70 - yes, something new! But, at 30% off of course. I have been searching for a Spring Jacket for months at Goodwill and finally gave in and splurged.

Happy Bargain Hunting Everyone!

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