Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Busy Busy Busy week! My new kitchen table finally arrived from the Brick (after waiting 2 months), bought with gift cards from my summer $4000 liquor contest win. We sold our old kitchen table and chairs for full price of $250 on Kijiji on Tuesday night, a bit shocking that someone has the cash only 4 days before Christmas. The spring on the trunk of my car broke yesterday while in the parking lot of the grocery store. This is a cold weather mishap, due to minus 20 degrees Celsius Alberta winters. $230 later I will be back on the road tomorrow. Meanwhile I was unable to do all my Christmas grocery shopping so had to take hubbies monster truck 4x4 tonight - dodging traffic and mad shoppers, but we now have all the goodies for Christmas dinner. The week has been spent wrapping, making fudge, and still waiting for one package to arrive from in the mail in time for Christmas (fingers crossed). I ordered quite a few gifts online but all seem to be taking much longer than promised due to storms in every country and every province. Driving in my neighborhood is interesting after our 1.5 ft snowstorm last week - and they have no intention of plowing my street anytime soon. I am dreaming of the day when winters will be spent with a little rain on Vancouver island, our future dream home. For now, as I crank up my electric blanket and sip on a spiced rum and eggnog, I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

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