Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Glasses

In 2007, at age 38 I purchased my very first set of eyeglasses for driving from Lenscrafters after realizing at a hockey game that I was having difficulty seeing the puck. They lasted 1.5 years and then developed strange fractures that seemed an imperfection in the lens rather than a crack from dropping or bumping them. I brought the glasses back and asked them if I could buy replacement lenses rather than paying for another set of frames. Apparently, you cannot do that, you have to buy a new frame as well as the cost is the same. They stated however if the fracturing had happened within the first year I could have brought them back and they would have replaced the lens for free! Unfortunately I was over the deadline so purchased my second set of glasses with exact same frames December 2009. I am fortunate to have two work plans with vision coverage so after both plans out of pocket expense was $80.

Last week I noticed these same glasses after 11 months were developing the same fractures. I brought them back in on Monday and by Tuesday, true to their word I got a brand new set of lenses! So, now I am good for at least another year, and by that time I likely will need another eye exam to ensure my glasses meet the vision needs.

Bottom line, find out return policies for everything you buy as sometimes they actually pay off! And keep your receipts (I searched and searched and could not find the receipt as it likely went off to one of our health plans with reimbursement forms, fortunately they had records of it in their system - excellent customer service!).

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