Thursday, August 5, 2010

Buy a piece of paradise for $1000 per acre

Have you ever thought about moving to a tropical country?

It is a dream of mine...maybe later in life. For now I tend to browse blogs posted on Expat Blog for daily life updates in paradise.

Some of my favorite hot spot blogs are:
Coffee, calculations and Colombia which is the diary of a Minnesota teacher with a two year teaching contract in Colombia
My Utila Life which is the musings of a developer living on the island of Utila which is a Bay Island in Honduras. I visited another Bay Island two years ago and that is my destination of choice. This blog is has beautiful photos and video of beaches, sunsets and underwater life

Today I stumbled across Taco Girl, life in Belize. Who knew in Belize the first language is English? There is a post on there about a lady who transplanted her life to Belize and opened up Rainforest Realty.

What did I find?

25 tropical Belize acres for $25,000 USD! $1000 per acre? I wonder how much it costs to build a small cabin there....just dreaming.

Now that is what I call living rich on the cheap!

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