Friday, November 11, 2016

2 weeks and Still Going

Before I get into what today's post is about I just want to say a final thought regarding my previous 2 posts.  This is my blog and I can say and feel however the hell I want to - and if you don't like it you don't have to come here.  Those who feel I don't have a right to say anything are wrong, I am an American Citizen as I was born there.  Also, many in the USA have no idea what repercussions around the world there will be by electing Trump.  He is in bed with Putin who is trying to destroy the Ukraine.  My husbands family is Ukrainian.  There are economic factors that may or may not happen directly affecting both Canada and Mexico, a country and a people which I love.  I cannot stand by and pretend to respect a racist sexist man who will not have the best interests at heart of those who need protection the most.   In future, should I choose to I will always express how I feel here - good luck suppressing that.  Enough said as like I said - you don't have to read my blog.

We are at two weeks today without eating out (except one morning having coffees and bagels out when we had to drop off a vehicle at the mechanic, hubby says that was a date lol, total cost $8.50 at Tim Hortons).  I specifically shopped for some things that we don't normally eat.  Last weekend I made a gigantic chicken enchilada casserole that fed us for 3 nights.  Hubby had it for 2 and I ate the last of it while hubby ate fish which I don't like since we ate far too much of it as a kid.  I also gifted Mom a portion as she no longer enjoys cooking.  We certainly got our moneys worth out of 3 chicken breasts on that one.  It took an hour to prepare and a lot of ingredients but was extremely tasty and in total likely costed about $12 (or less) to make or $2 a portion.

Tomorrow I am going to do a pork roast and invite Mom over, likely that will feed the three of us two full meals as well as I always send Mom home with leftovers.  In addition to trying new recipes this month we are batch cooking.  I made some stew and we froze the leftovers for an easy dinner down the road.  Hubby made some porcupine meatballs which we also froze the leftovers.  For the first time in a long time I found whole chickens on sale for a package of two for $5 so we roasted one and the other is in the freezer.  I usually only buy chicken parts (breasts/legs/thighs) as can buy them per pound much cheaper than whole chickens. I don't have a lot of freezer room as only have the fridge/freezer and a minifreezer so have to be careful how much I buy or I would have bought more.

I am trying to make it without eating out until hubby goes on a business trip on Wednesday.  He will be eating out for four days then (at the client's expense) and I have bought some fast and easy to prepare meals for myself while he is gone.  As I said before, we are trying not to eat out due to us always being disappointed when we do and lack of nutrition/ cost associated with it.

Today is remembrance day in Canada and veterans day in the United States and my thoughts go out to everyone who has served in the military, present and past, including my stepson who is currently in the Canadian Armed Forces.


  1. You have such a gift for stretching every single dollar!!
    And you all eat so well while doing it!

  2. You are correct,. Your blog, your voice.

    As much as we try not to we seem to eat out once a week. TheHub would eat out 3 nights a week if I would agree to it, which is silly because I am a really good cook and can cook just about any ethnic food out there. (Doubly silly because we tend to go to ethnic restaurants)
    Now that you wrote about it a pan of chicken enchiladas sounds fantastic.

  3. Batch cooking is the way to go. Also batch freezing works well. A value pack of chicken wings makes about five lunches for us. Toss them with some baking powder and s&p and roast them @ 425f for 15 minutes per side, then toss them with your favourite sauce. Serve with some fresh veggies.

  4. I love reading your blog and as you so rightly say it's yours and you can say what you want. I don't understand how vitriolic some people are when commenting on blogs. We all have our beliefs thoughts and opinions and have a right to express them in our own space without being verbally abused. We eat out so infrequently these days as I can't justify spending so much money on food in restaurants when I love to cook so much. We save a certain amount each week that we maybe would spend on going out to eat and pop it into our travel fund.When I first met Lovejoy and we were both still working we ate out all the time I don't miss it a bit. Well maybe a little lol.

  5. First, I'm with you 100 percent!

    Secondly, it's a good thing I didn't call my blog anything to do with "cheap." In the past 6 weeks, we have had dinner at home twice. We could take a lesson from you... but we won't. Still, you might be pleased to know we've had lunch at home almost every day in that time. There IS hope for us.

  6. Tim Horton coffee and bagels are my favourite fast food too. When we are out and really have to have a coffee, we buy a medium coffee and share between me and my hubby. Too bad that they stopped the Extra small.

  7. Yes ma'am!I appreciate people speaking their minds and this election has global repercussions just like Brexit did and I poked my nose in that even without a GB passport. OK moving on. Would love a porcupine meatball recipe where rice really gets done.Mine is always under done and if I use minute rice, seems too mushy. I love them though when done well and a real budget stretcher.

  8. We rarely eat out. Once a week we'll order a take out pizza or Chinese, but no sit down restaurants that require tipping and definitely none with tablecloths. We just can't afford it. I love your opening paragraph. Awesome!

  9. My favorite was when someone questioned my husband & kids citizenship. . . you can go right off & taking a flying leap.

    That said, so much hatred. I'm going to work through everything & try & understand the perspectives of those that are struggling in the US.
    And, such an opportunity for when I leave my job. SO many things that clearly need my attention & support.

    Thank you to all of our veterans, across all borders, keeping us safe.

    Love your blog - keep on keeping on.

  10. On several Saturdays a month while Wayne watches sports at the condo in town, I cook a big batch meal. I take a large portion of it to our friends Helen and Ed. Helen hasn't been able to cook since her open heart surgery two years ago, so it's a way I can help them out, especially Ed who has taken over the cooking responsibility for the family (including two grown sons who live with them and eat a lot). Usually I have enough for our dinner and one or two frozen meals. Some I take up to the cabin for easy meals when Wayne doesn't want to BBQ, and others to keep in town so we don't have to eat out so much when were are there. You are right. It's so expensive and when we are done eating seems worth a lot less than it cost. - Margy

  11. US resident or not, having Trump as president impacts on all our lives wherever we reside.
    Porcupine meatballs? The mind boggles! Thank goodness I'm vegetarian! xxx

  12. Of course you can say what you want -- that's what democracy is all about. The freedom to speak.
    It also includes being able to agree -- and disagree. That's what freedom of speech is all about. Your readers, me included, don't have to agree with every thing you say, to enjoy your blog. (And I do. Very much.) You should not feel the need to force them to do so, either. Our big unruly country has lived for hundreds of years with a strange mix of people of all religions, creeds and nationalties -- many of whom disagreed with each other. But we're still here.
    I will continue to enoy coming to visit you. Please don't stop writing.

  13. I love stretching out meals. Today I'm roasting a chicken that will feed the two of us for at least 3 days.
    I'm all for speaking out on issues that affect us (or don't!!) I think people can make their points, however, without being rude or mean or threatening!
    Carry on.....!