Monday, December 3, 2012

SFT's Sealed Pot Challenge Results

Our fireplace mantle - decorated with items bought over five years ago in compliance with the No More Christmas Crap Challenge. The Glass Candle holder on the left had a mishap in our move and we had to repair the base with glue - add some greenery around the bottom and you can't even tell!

Head on over to SFT's Life After Mortgage to see 2012 Sealed pot Challenge Results.

I am joining for the first time this year and have my sealed pot all ready to go - do you?

Originally I was going to use the sealed pot for a travel fund, but due to self-employment and the realization that there are certain months of the year when our income is less than our outgoing funds, December being one of them, we will use the sealed pot for Christmas 2013. We have four kids, two mothers and three nephews who we buy gifts for plus a small gift for one another. This will hopefully ease the pain next year.

What are you using yours for?


  1. I am hoping to pay for a weekend away in 2014 with my pot.

    Good luck with your pot.


  2. Hi, I've never heard of a "sealed pot", what is it?


    1. Anything you want to use - I am using an old baking powder can that I will tape shut so I can't access it. Some are using tins or boxes.

  3. We do this but on a short term basis. We have a mason jar on the kitchen counter. When it's full, (in about 3 months time),it usually yields $60-70. We go to the movies and out to dinner with the money. Sometimes hubby and I split it and go to the casino. That's not usually the best idea though. (snort)

  4. I am taking myself away with the contents of the last sealed pot. The new one will be used for a mini adventure for DH and the three DS.