Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oatmeal 101 Breakfast of Champions

Favorite Garage Sale Cannister $1

My oatmeal is not boring and therefore my family and I love it. Yes, take plain oatmeal and add a bit of milk and it can be boring. We add some of these items every time:
Any bits of dried fruit like cranberries, figs, Raisins
Chopped Apple
Frozen or fresh berries

Today's oatmeal was chopped apple (free from September box Mother gleaned from a friend kept crisp in the fridge), cinnamin, dash of vanilla, handful of raisins and handful of dried cranberries. Breakfast for less than a dollar.

The secret to good oatmeal is putting the fruit and spice in with the water and bring to boil. The spices also make your house smell great. Use a wooden spoon to stir for one minute while simmering then remove from heat and let it set up - about 3 minutes. You will never burn oatmeal to your pan and it comes out perfect every time. Hubby eats his with Spenda and milk, I prefer a dash of brown sugar and milk. If you are going away for the weekend and have access to a kitchen you can easily pack breakfast in a bag this way.

After the breakfast of champions I am off to buy our .95 cent per pound holiday Turkey. Cheers!


  1. where are you getting the turkey for 95 cents per pound? Our No Frills had Utility turkeys on for 87 cents a pound, but I am favouring a stuffed Butterball this year, just waiting for them to go on sale.

    Not a fan of dried fruit in my cereal, I am more a brown sugar and maple syrup type of gal.


    1. Utility Turkey At Superstore & Extra Foods for .95 cents. Safeway has Grade A for .99 cents this week too. Maple syrup sounds good - I have a bit of that in my fridge to use up - will throw that in next time.

  2. I have a huge container of oatmeal (I used for no bake cookies) and this post is great for ideas of what to add. I have 2 apples and think I will do an apple/cinnamon oatmeal tomorrow. Thanks for the post!!!

  3. Porridge with good old maple syrup is our breakfast fave.
    Jane x

  4. Porridge is our favourite breakfast here too at the moment. The kids like it plain with brown sugar and milk. I don't mind accessories: banana, raisins, almonds, cinnamon...whatever I've got to hand.

    1. Hubby gets bored of food easy so I have to keep mixing it up.

  5. Hello from across the pond - er, strait. I just started following you for two reasons, I like your posts and we're almost neighbors. Wayne is good about fixing oatmeal for us several times a week. His favourite fixins are walnuts, raisins, a bit of brown sugar and milk. But since he is cooking, I can't complain. - Margy