Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween & Fall Pics on Vancouver Island

Today is picture day - first some photos of a nearby lake we drove to a few weeks ago - Comox Lake. Yes, Vancouver Island has some big freshwater lakes! The leaves were georgous.

The next photos are of our home for Halloween last night. We had a scary wreath, red lights, scary music blasting from the garage along with a fiber optic pumpkin that we've had for years. We had 50 trick or treaters and all were very polite except one 3 year old who didn't like the first candies I picked out of the bowl so I let him choose - too little to know better and his Mom was probably mortified.

It rained all day but stopped at 7pm and the little ghouls and goblins came out in droves then. We were pretty lame this year compared to years past as we got rid of a lot of our large Halloween stuff before the big move this past June. Forgive some of the blurry shots - I have no tripod for night shots (on my Christmas list). It makes for ghosts in some of these shots.

Our neighbors, however, outdid themselves. Hubby was green with envy. Next year as we share a front yard we hope to create a joint display. They are pretty creative! I think the flaming pumpkins (3 on fire at a time with the yard taped off so no little ones could get near plus two adults supervising) were my favorite - apparently they found the idea on google and it involves real pumpkins, kerosene and toilet paper???


  1. Flaming pumpkin...COOOOOOL!!!
    Lovely fall photos too.

  2. That is amazing, not surprised you want to go wild next year!

    The photos of the lake are so beautiful, you live in such a special place.

    Sft x

  3. Agree with Sft, you do live in such a beautiful place, feel very fortunate to have visited there! Cheers Judy xx