Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Curbside Find!

So....I have never actually found anything on the side of the road worth stopping for - until today. I didn't even have to get in the car for this find. I was getting my garbage ready to go to the curb when I spotted this fabulous find directly across the street!

We have our own matching patio set of a couch and two chairs so this find is destined for someone else - my mother. She is in the process of readying her place for sale in the Spring so I may have to store it - hopefully it fits in our crawl space. It needs a coat of paint but is in otherwise good repair.

Keep your eyes peeled - you never know what you will find!


  1. that indeed was a great find and a coat of paint will transform it into a treasure.


    1. Yes, I emailed my Mother the photos - she is very happy for the find.