Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Small Thrift Store Clothing Spree

Clothing is one area of the budget that I have gotten down to an art buying 95% used clothing at thrift stores. I will never be called a fashionista but do like to look good. Now that we are self employed with hubbys business there is no longer a call for business attire except for the occasional function.

In order to maintain a decent wardrobe, even on a tiny budget one must be constantly on the lookout for pieces to add and pieces to cull.

My total clothing budget for the year was $200. Due to grocery overages I transferred out $109.69 to attempt to reduce the defecit and had spent $60.31 this year on clothing, shoes and accessories.

This month's clothing spending:
New: nylons $5.60. These were purchased for a business dinner for an organization hubby joined. In the end I did not end up wearing a dress and wore dress pants and a dressy top instead so now have a pair of unused nylons for my next formal event.

There is a great clean well run local thrift store that I have just discovered has really good quality clothing. Their prices are great too!

Used: $17
Jeans $5
Belt $1
Liz Clairborne Flex shoes $12

The shoes appear never to have been worn and still had part of the original sticker on the bottom. These were my favorite find as I have been looking for this exact kind of shoe to wear under jeans - they look like a boot but are a comfortable shoe.

That leaves $6.40 for the remainder of the year which should not be a problem based on shopping second hand.

The jeans replace a pair I bought last year (yes, used) that I really don't like the fit of. Those will go back to the thrift store donation pile. The shoes replace two pair that are worn out. Those go into the garbage pile.

Thrift clothing shopping is not for everyone but I save loads of money doing it. New clothing in Canada costs a fortune (almost twice as much as in the USA) so this is the easiest way to stay on budget.


  1. Great thrift store finds! Those shoes are really nice & look super comfortable!

  2. I started buying thrifted clothes and shoes several years ago. Once you start it's hard to go back to buying retail. Love the shoes.

    1. Yes, I avoid retail except when I can't find it used. Thanks!

  3. I love the shoes and they are a good brand, well done on your finds.


  4. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I am a yard sale addict and refuse to pay retail for most items anymore, clothes or otherwise, because if I'm patient, I usually find what I want/need at a yard sale. I'm very thankful our thrift stores in the southern U.S. aren't as expensive as yours appear to be! Nice shoes usually range between $3-7 at thrift stores and $1-4 at yard sales. Have a good weekend!

    1. Shirts at this same thrift store were $3. That is the average here and I have just not had any good luck yet at garage sales for clothing - probably as I prefer to try on anything before I buy.