Saturday, August 4, 2012

Patrick The Starfish

This morning I was drinking tea reading my favorite blogs and came across a very timely post by one of my favorite bloggers, Lavender Dreams. She was posting pictures of lovely sea stars on the coast of Florida nearby where she lives. Now, I live on another coast, the shores of Vancouver Island on the Pacific. Today was far too hot to do anything but go to the beach, fortunately only five minutes away to enjoy a bit of the wind that comes off the Ocean. Hubby and I have been getting braver and wading through the yucky seaweed that hugs the shore to the sand bar just beyond. Today we hit payday.

In addition to several small bullhead fish and wee harmless crabs hubby spotted this fabulous starfish. We have not spotted a starfish on this beach since we started coming to it two months ago. The tide was so far out that it allowed us to walk out to where the starfish hang out. We put it back after examining it and will now be looking for other creatures further out.

One day I hope to learn how to dive as apparently, some of the largest most beautiful Octopus in the world live just off these shores.

It was a lovely day. We ended it off with some homemade salsa (see recipe here), bacon wrapped chicken breast done on the barbeque(add bbq sauce before wrapping, secure with toothpicks, cook on lowest heat possible) and corn on the cob topped off with B.C.'s finest pear cider, Growers. It is supposed to stay hot for the next ten days so I have a suspicion we shall be living at the beach.


  1. The starfish is gorgeous!! Definitely looks a little different than Patrick! ;) lol!! Your dinner looks SOO GOOD!! Yum!

  2. You are so lucky to live near the beach!

    Your chicken looks delish, and we know that bacon makes everything better!

    (It's like everything tastes better in Pyrex...imagine that Pyrex and bacon!!!)

  3. Living at the beach? How lovely! Your salsa looks amazing - it's one of my favourite foods!

  4. That is just amazing! And you named fun! I'm going to save your photo on my computer. I love seeing how different it is to the ones we saw. I make a lot of homemade salsa, too and love to add it to a ripe avocado! YUM!

  5. that starfish is pretty,bt that chicken and bacon looks a bit burnt