Sunday, August 12, 2012


A whole lot has happened in the past several weeks:

My elderly hamster passed away after a two week struggle with life, we are heartbroken.
After we get back from our trip next weekend we will be looking for a new furry creature to join us at the little island pad.

After a wonderful two months off I have gotten a job in a completely different field that my last insurance job as did not want to go back to that. Our Alberta home did not sell as hoped and so we have a small mortgage which I need to help with. I was starting to get bored and need to get out and meet new people so am looking forward to new challenges.

I won a wonderful trip to Whistler last winter which we are finally taking for my 43rd birthday next weekend. Three nights in a four star hotel, two meals and some attractions. I can't wait. A mini-vacation that someone else mostly paid for. We still have to buy gas to get there, ferries, and a few meals but it is an inexpensive weekend away to somewhere we have never travelled. You cannot beat that! I hope to take lots of fabulous photos.

We have brand new neighbors next door who are fast becoming new friends. They were building a fence for their dog so we hired the same fencers to finish the fencing on our property as well. Our mutual fence on the property line is now a shared expense versus one we were expecting to pay in full. This is a large expense but one that adds to property value and one we had factored in when purchasing the house. We are saving money by staining it ourselves but it is a huge job.

My two youngest stepkids are coming for a visit for a few days before they start school in September again. It will be nice as we haven't seen them for two months and we can show them our new town.

The blackberries are almost ready for picking, just a week or two more. I am ready to do some serious picking and freezing as do not want to miss this window of opportunity for natures free groceries.

In a nutshell, that is my life. If I blog a little less this month - you will understand why. Cheers!


  1. Enjoy the trip and time with the kids.

    blessings, jill

  2. I'm sorry about your hamster. It's always so sad to lose a beloved pet.

    Congratulations on your new job and your trip to Whistler sounds wonderful!

  3. Just catching up with your posts.

    So sorry to hear about your hamster xxxxx

    Lots of news for sure. Good luck with your new job and have a great weekend-photos please!

    Sft x