Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fabulous Whistler Trip Part Two

Saturday morning started with a walk around Whistler Village. As the mountain biking competition Crankworks was on when we were there there were demonstrations and competitions going on in several spots. It was great to watch the skill level of these competitors. We also took advantage of a couple of freebies. I ended up with a free cup of Ben & Jerry's icecream as they were doing a promotion (Cherry Garcia) and hubby took a testdrive in a new Jeep over gigantic rocks. While we always purchase our vehicles used it still is a good idea to test drive a new model to get the feel for the cars. I really don't think a Jeep is in our future but you never know.
We stumbled upon the finals of the men's freestyle and got to see the winner (the guy on the screen). The event was held at the bottom of Whistler mountain right where we got off the lift. It was something that I would never go to watch but am so glad we did. These mountain bikers are the worlds best and the crowd was treating them like rockstars, very fun to watch.

The mountain was dotted with thousands of wildflowers. One of my favorite parts of the trip was going up the open chair lift on Blackcomb mountain. It was so peaceful and quiet.

The Peak To Peak Tram is the jewel in the Whistler Blackcomb crown. A feat of engineering opened just before the 2010 winter Olympics it connects Blackcomb mountain with Whistler mountain. It is the highest lift of its kind in the world and it spans over 3 kilometres unsupported. It was truly amazing.

Part of the prize was tickets for the Roundhouse BBQ that runs weekend nights in summer. Normally I avoid buffets as dislike overeating and never feel I get my moneys worth. This one is $30 per person but was one of the best buffets ever. Absolutely everything was tasty, not a single miss in the entire menu.
We bought our own beer and were entertained by a good band playing at the BBQ and this tiny chipmunk scavenging for bits under the picnic tables. He was fast as lightening, obviously a return customer.
This picture shows a little red and blue dot on top of the cliff. Those are people who somehow managed to hike and climb there. Just looking at them gave me the willies.
The vistas were breathtaking, and we were so fortunate for the clear sunny skies. Normally you only get views like this out of an airplane.

We had lunch on Sunday, which was my Birthday at the outdoor view patio at Christine's at the top of Blackcomb mountain. I had what possibly might be the best mixed green salad ever made with pea shoots and candied almonds. We had several cocktails in celebration and then did some hiking to walk it off.

It was a wonderful holiday weekend and we discovered something new - we actually enjoy hiking! We have finally figured out a way to get exercise and spend quality couple time together so I see local day hikes in my future. The weekend was far more than we could have hoped for and I would love to return to Whistler one day.


  1. Part two even more impressive. You've made me consider competition entering as my new obsession!!

  2. Great news about he buffet, delicious food and you could take your own beer! What a sweet chipmunk too. Great photo!

    And the views are breath-taking, no wonder you hiked and I am so happy that you have found a shared passion.

    We loved walking too but where we live is totally flat, no hills at all.

    Have a great week.

    Sft xx

  3. I love to hike and what a fabulous place to see these incredible views. I've enjoyed reading about your big trip. It was a trip of a lifetime! And you shared beautiful photos! I would love to go there some time!

  4. What wonderful photo's! Look's like a beautfil place