Monday, July 30, 2012

Clothing Budget Update - Silk!

I haven't posted much this week as have been out and about wading in the ocean, baking, reading and watching movies.

The only thrifted finds this week were for us; two beer mugs for hubby (no pics as in the freezer) and this fabulous Jones of New York silk blouse. I don't really need any clothes so have decided not to buy anything unless it is so great I couldn't find it again. This blouse met that criteria,$6.75 found at Salvation Army.

It feels wonderful! Very classy, and looks great with capris and a tank underneath too.

The annual clothing budget for me this year was $200. Including this purchase I have only spent $34.47 = $165.53 for rest of 2012. This has only been achieved by buying used in thrift stores. I steer clear of buying clothing at garage sales as always like to try on clothing before I buy it.

My hair and grocery budgets are not doing as well as clothing so in an effort to balance budgets if need be at the end of the year I will transfer unused funds from clothing to those other categories.

Today I am off to try and get my passport renewed as runs out next month. Cheers!

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