Monday, June 11, 2012

Please Help Identify!

So, I successfully weeded and think I left all the good bits as the beds are really separated by each bush or flower. In order to figure out how to care for these lovelies I need to figure out what they are:

I am pretty sure these are peony bushes. There is a rose right in the middle which you can't see (I grabbed it with bare hands thinking it was a weed). These are overtaking the yard - either I am going to have to prune them down or remove some of them - anyone?
They are a little weather beaten and past blooming stage so don't look that great right now. The bumble bees love them though - they were very friendly and happily buzzing around when I was weeding.

Not sure what most of these bushes are, again, I think I will have to do a bit of trimming as it is looking a little overgrown.

Day two of the 1400km road trip was not nearly as photogenic as day one as it rained most of the day and the pretty bits were when I was careening down the mountain highway with no pullouts with a semi truck on my tail.

Here is a shot of Horshoe Bay Ferry Terminal(from Vancouver to Nanaimo Duke Point) lineup and one off the back of the ferry as we left port. I missed the ferry by 20 minutes due to construction traffic so had a long wait for the next one but I was so close to home at that point so I just sat back and relaxed.

Guess what? I get to do the trip all over again next Monday with a one ton moving truck and hubby by my side as we bring all of our downsized crap to our new home.

Finally, I have been harrassing crabs on the beach to pose for me - this little guy was none impressed.

Hubby safely arrived so today we shop for a bed(we have been sleeping on a Coleman airbed) and start painting our bedroom. Cheers!


  1. The first pic looks to be a collection of rhododendrons, the close up of the white flower is definitly a rhododendron.
    The green below the pink in the second picture looks like a lily that is going to flower soon. To the left you also have heather, so i would guess your soil is acidic which is what rhodos and heathers like. Not sure about No 3 perhaps a dahlia, you might wait until it flowers.
    Pic no five is a pieris. Also acid loving. If it is 'mountain fire pieris' When it starts into growth in the spring, the new growth is bright red, and then turns green. A lovely plant.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Definately NOT peonies.
    some are rhodedendrons, hydrangers, some lilies, I do know the others but not their names.
    the ones with the 'bunches' on that look like white peas, are very pretty, they change colour throughout the year, produce red leaves as well as white flowers, definately worth keeping.
    Hope this helps

  3. I agree. I have peonies and they do not look like any I have. They definitely look like rhodendrons. Also yes you have lilies and they are getting ready to bloom. Nice bed, but most rhodendrons get really big, so you may have to separate some of them later.

  4. I never can remember the names of flowers but these are very pretty. Sounds like you have an adventure ahead! I have been working today to see why I have TOO much 'stuff' in my smaller house! heehee!

  5. Definitely not peonies, but they look more like azaleas to me. I would love to have flowers that multiply so thickly!

  6. Thanks for your comment over on Thrift Bee. You are so welcome! You could try azaleas, as they like the same soil as all the ones in the pictures. (I bet you have azaleas in there somewhere already) The other thing you should think about if your adding new plants are blueberries. They should do well for you, and give you fruit and autumn colour.

  7. I wish I could ID that, hard to tell in the photos. your garden looks lovely, though!

  8. Wow, looks like you have moved to a beautiful area! I'm interested to see your progress in making your new house a home. It looks like you have a good start with some nice mature plantings. Your lilies are about ready to give you a show and then the hydrangea should bloom shortly after that. I guess my zone is a bit ahead of you because my lilies are now fading and my hydrangeas are budding. Best of luck to you!

  9. I agree, looks like some Rhododendrons (the bigger leaves in the top picture, hard to tell for sure from this distance), and the white flowers with the smaller leaves is an azalea which are related.

  10. This is my first time visiting. It sounds like you are moving house. Good luck with that,while exciting,it sure is a huge job.
    Not sure what your plants are,look nice though.
    Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comments. :)

  11. Photo 3 is a hydrangea... Don't trim it till it finishes flowering and the blooms dry up! Photo 4 rhododendrons.