Friday, April 6, 2012

We Now Have A Fish Man Named Vito

True story. We were driving last weekend in our new little hometown of Comox and saw signs posted "Fresh Shrimp 6:00pm Fishermans Wharf". $15 later and hubby secured a whole lot of fresh from the Ocean shrimp, which our new Fishmonger Vito provided right off the boat. We apparently caught the tail end of his shrimping season. Next week they start fishing for Halibut and Salmon. He gave us his business card and next time we get the hankering for fish we will meet up with Vito. Fresh shrimp are quite interesting - deep pink, and take a little time to peel to be ready to eat. We fried them in garlic, butter, white wine and served them over a bed of rice. Just part of living our new Island Life!
As I was ill most of the time on the Island with a terrible case of the cold/flu hubby took the opportunity to take down the horrendous Baba curtains and patch and paint the walls in our new living room. We still have to paint the pink out of the three bedrooms but with furniture it will be home. He is in the process of negotiating with a guy who owns a chain of flooring stores for hardwood for the new house - in exchange for some sales training for his staff. They have worked with each other for 20 years so fingers and toes crossed a deal can be worked out. We have a showing today of our Alberta home - someone actually wanted to look at it on Good Friday! And in an effort to generate more viewing traffic we will do an open house next Saturday. I really wanted to get the yard raked up and dead plants pulled out but the weather is not co-operating. Thursday we had a late winter storm that dropped a foot of snow overnight. It was very interesting getting to work that day. I expect that the snow will possibly melt by next weekend but that won't leave time to clean the yard up. Before we left for the Island hubby had sold our Snow blower to a friend $375 - Sold Crap tally is at $2140. This money paid for the weekend taxes (flight free with points), 1 night hotel before possession, car rental, groceries, and painting supplies. We picked up the new Coleman Airbed which was good for a few nights once you got used to sleeping on it. Due to a miscalculation we had to buy some bedding as a queen airbed requires king sheets based on the shape of it. We also bought a small patio set and some other items to help make our new home liveable without the Alberta furniture. I came back with the urge to purge - took a bag to Goodwill and listed a few items on Freecycle. The downsize continues, and hopefully a home sale is in our near future!

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  1. Nothing better than fresh fish - straight off the boat!!!!