Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Final Days of Work Countdown

I am giving notice at work next week, my last day of work will be June 1. 27 work days left! I like most of the people I work with but not the job. Insurance, well insurance is an unhappy business. It has no heart. Time for a change.

After that who knows, some time off, a part-time job, or self-employment. The house still is not sold but we have shown it seven times in April and interest is still very good. We declined a low ball offer ($59,000 off our asking price) but told the guy if it was still for sale in a few months we may give him a call. If still not sold by the end of April we may do a small price reduction.

We sold some more crap this week, a fifteen year old patio set on its last legs for $80. The photo makes it look too good - much worse in real life. Total crap tally $2370. The truck was sold with a deposit and then the people changed their mind right before we were supposed to take it to the mechanics for inspection - being the good people we are we returned their deposit. Kind of a big waste of our time though - it happens (with a big S). Then the scam artist in the last post.

Hubby got a bit down about that but is showing the truck to a guy tonight. Other than the house, the truck is the last large asset we need to sell. The remaining furniture will be sold when the house sells. No one said this was going to be easy but we are both trying to remember the vision of Vancouver Island and taking walks on the ocean any old time we feel like it. Our empty house in Comox is being checked by our realtor and we have hired someone to take care of the grass until we get there.

I finally managed to give away an old hamstercage that was well loved but still useable. I originally purchased this at a garage sale for $3. I tried to give it away twice on Freecycle and no luck but was able to give it away on today.

Please send positive vibes our way - we need them. Life is still good, we are happy, can afford to carry two homes for the time being, the kids are alive and healthy, even my ancient hamster looks like he will make the trek to the island with us - I just want to GET ON WITH OUR NEW LIFE! I really should not be feeling sorry for myself.


  1. Trust me, all of this will be a memory soon! Hoping your house sells very soon and you can be on your way to Vancouver Island.

  2. I hope everything goes well! I would love to hear more about what you are doing?

  3. You are entitled to feel that way. When things are out of our control it does get frustrating and you just want it over.

    Good honest people wanting to live their dream. Just keep your eyes on the prize! It won't be long now and we all can't wait.

    Good luck!

    Sft x

  4. Sound like a stressful time. But keep your eye on the prize. A home by the sea!



  5. I agree keep thinking positive thoughts of walking on the beach and enjoying the sea air......