Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Weeks Thrift Find

Yes, I know, I am supposed to be downsizing in preparation for our move and not buying things. Keep in mind for every visit to a thrift store I am dropping off at least one large garbage bag or box of goodies for them. I visited three thrift stores this week and actually left two without buying anything!

This fabulous vintage Ohio Art Co. (stamped on bottom)metal recipe box had to come home with me. It will go very well with my antique and vintage cookbooks. Found at Salvation Army $2.49. My guess is that it is mid 1960's.

Known best for their Etch A Sketch (1960) the Ohio Art Company is still in business and has been since 1908. They are also well known for their metal lithographed toys, tea sets, and recipe boxes.

On the home front:
The house has been on the market for 10 days and traffic for viewings has been good. At least two couples seem quite interested but you never know what their situations are. If we reach 30 days without a sale we are lowing our price by a minimum of $10,000. We had an arctic blast this week with temperatures reaching -31 degrees celcius (approx -24 degrees fahrenheit) so I am sure that prevented a few from wanting to go out and look at houses. The average home sells here in 70 days - much shorter than the rest of North America primarily due to high employment and strong real estate values being an oil-rich Province.

Our lives are extremely busy and stressful at the moment but our new quieter island life is just around the bend.

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  1. I've bought one but in another style, a Pennsylvania Dutch pattern. My mom used one as a recipe box for years. I love this one! Saw you at the party on Flea Market Finds!

  2. I think you can justify buying this because the box is tiny and you can pack it away easily and with something inside it. Nice purchase!

  3. I love Ohio Art recipe boxes, too. Mine is just a distressed green one with tape on the edges that I got from my mom.

  4. Oh wow, irresistible find. Good for you for leaving more at the thrift and being selective!

  5. It's good to have self control and then also to let loose when you find the perfect thing!