Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Give It Away Week - Freecycling

New Years Weekend was spent scrubbing, sorting and tossing every corner of the house in preparation for putting the house on the market by January 15th. I hate waste and there are certain things you cannot take to Goodwill. I successfully freecycled the above three items: camping kettle, comfortable office chair - with tear in cushion, and older child's adventure game.

If you have never heard of freecycle - check out your local group on yahoo. Edmonton's group is called Earthcycle. Every post is moderated and the requirement is that you give more than you receive. People give away anything and everything. A great way for people to share and keep items out of the landfill. Photos with your listing do help - people hate to drive across town if the item you have is not right for them - even if it is for free.

The downsize continues....

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