Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Thrift Store Finds and Why I Went Over My Budget for a Leather Bag!

I returned to work after Christmas on Wednesday to huge piles of work and being short-staffed with many off for the holidays. At lunch I simply had to get away from the office. The only place I can go on my short 45 minute lunch is my favorite Goodwill location that is 1/2 a block away. This was one of the best speed shopping thrift trips this year:

Two pair of jeans (one is Gap) $6.99 each - this is what I set out to look for as my current jeans are in poor shape.

One completely awesome brown Italian leather with yellow silk interior Pulicati Hobo Bag $15 - more than I would normally ever spend on a used purse but I recognized immediately the high quality. Would you believe I did not recognize the name? Back at work I quickly googled it and realized this is a high end designer that is generally only available in Europe and the USA. I am not sure there is a retailer in Canada selling these bags so someone must have picked it up in their travels. A used one exactly like this is currently listed on Ebay for $99. And yes, folks, this is not a knock off. This rates as my favorite thrift store find in 2011.

After such fabulous luck on my lunch break I thought I would check out the Salvation Army on the way home from work. Eddie Bauer soft cotton summer shirt - perfect for my new Vancouver Island lifestyle. $4.99

Yes, these year end purchases put me a bit over the year clothing budget but I believe worth the small overage. Here is the breakdown:

Clothing Budget 2011 $400

Actual $406.90

Of $406.90(includes socks/undergarments/clothes/shoes/jackets/purses/jewellery)
$173.07 spent on new items
$233.87 spent on used items

2012 Budget $200/year or half as much as 2011, lower as will be quitting our jobs shortly and taking part of the year off work. No need to maintain a work wardrobe.

I aim to achieve this budget by buying more used items in 2012 and checking out special sales days at the thrift stores. I simply was disappointed with most of the new items I bought(early wear, buttons falling off) whereas am never disappointed in a pair of jeans worn 100 times purchased for $6.99 used = higher satisfaction ratio.

My big breakthrough this year was getting over buying used shoes. They still have to be in almost never worn pristine condition for me to buy them but after buying two pairs of designer leather shoes and a pair of boots all for $17 total I am a convert. Needless to say I am still careful to completely disinfect them once home but after a polish you would never know.

Do you buy used clothing? If so what was your greatest find this year?

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  1. Great finds! I love checking out thrift stores, I just wish the ones in my town were better :). If you want to get on Pinterest, just send me your email addy & I can send you an invite!

  2. What a beautiful bag! Glad to have found your blog. I am a fellow BC-er but did you know that there are no Goodwill's in Vancouver?

  3. wow, I love that you set a clothing budget for the year. that is a grand idea! and better, you kept track..that's my lazy point. way to go on that bag...looks like a super sweet score...are you keeping or selling? i thrift A LOT and scored some tall winter boots for $1. but my fave is probably $8 boots from old navy. brand new. total score and i love them.

  4. I am not sure I am keeping the bag - for now I will, I may consider selling later though. Goodwill is one of my favorite stores, too bad there are none in Vancouver. I find them clean, organized and friendly with a pricing structure that makes sense. My least favorite thrift stores are Value Village due to pricing but on occasion have found some good deals there too. Salvation Army is pretty good but it is hit and miss as to where they are located. Fortunately I have one in Sherwood Park where I live. There are tons of thrift stores on Vancouver Island (I lived there when I met hubby and we hit up many thrift stores when we travel there). Most of them are great. I keep track of my clothing, grocery and hair purchases in a little book that I keep in my bedside table. It helps for this blog and is an easy way to stay on budget. When I get too busy I throw the receipts there until I have time to write them down. Thanks for the comments!

  5. I know this is an old post but ill comment anyways. Freaking LOVE the bag! I'm a die hard thriftier and agree. Value Village price points are insane.