Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Preparations Underway

Wallymart Tree with All The Christmas Crap On

I thought I would share some photos of vintage Christmas ornaments that my Mom gave me - they were used on my Grandparent's tree and the three are between 40-60 years old. Nothing that valuable but I love owning something that has gone through three generations.

Although I love Christmas, sometimes the speed of life in December leaves a little bit to be desired. Every day this week I try and get one more thing marked off the list.

This week:

Mailed the very last of the Canadian Christmas Cards

Baked two maraschino cherry loaves - one of which crumbled so cannot be given away but still tastes good, the other turned out good and is in the freezer to give away at Christmas.

Went thrifting and to lunch with a friend - I only bought one glass Santa container to give fudge away in. It was a lovely day but traffic was terrible so we were limited on thrifting time.

Made a batch of fudge which did not exactly turn out but tastes great - the marshmellows didn't melt properly so small bits of white can still be seen - but it is darn tasty - I added cinnamin and even my hubby likes it (he is not big on sweets and normally says no to fudge) I am 100% certain my twelve year old nephew who is receiving some will not care in the least what it looks like.

Bought most of the rest of the presents with only 10% of gifts remaining to be purchased.

Wrapped most of the gifts and put non-stocking gifts under the tree.

Bought the turkey, special sweet pickles and onions, and some of the ingredients for our two big meal days.

This weekend I have to clean out the guest room and add fresh sheets as my Mother is coming to visit us and take the younger kids shopping for those gifts they have left to buy.

Best of all? I just heard I am hosting all 12 of us on Christmas Eve this year - good thing it falls on a Saturday! I have wanted this for a while and finally my mother in law has handed over the reins. When we move away my sister in law will be handed the honor. A non meat traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve (it really falls in January but we celebrate it in December like everyone else). We have a fold up table that holds six that has been waiting to be used for just such an occasion.

There are traditional dishes like:
Perogies(Vrenyky or pyrohy) - dough pockets filled with potato, or potato and cheddar cheese,or kapusta (sauerkraut), or cottage cheese, and cheddar cheese,or kapusta (sauerkraut), or in our family sometimes filled with salmon

Holubtsi - Ukrainian cabbage rolls which normally can be filled with ground meat, rice, or sour kraut covered in tomato sauce but for Christmas eve we eat the meatless kind

Borscht - Ukrainian beet soup. My mother-in-law makes incredible borscht, even I love it (I hate beets).

Kutya is a Christmas eve mixture of cooked wheat, poppyseed,and honey, served cold as a thick slightly liquid mixture - this is my absolute favorite. One cannot eat too much though as the wheat berries swell and will give you a tummy ache. It kind of tastes like pudding. Our wheat berries come from the family farm.

And of course, Horilka which is also known as Vodka which is drank on every special occasion.

I am finding it hard to stay within the food budget this month - I will try but this may be the one month it is blown as I am entertaining large crowds and can't stand busy stores so am spending less time hunting the food deals down.

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