Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sally Ann Giveth and Taketh - Thrift Store Finds

Trying to ignore the bitter cold (minus 21 degrees celcius) I packed up four boxes of old pots and pans, and Christmas items from our downsize to take to the Salvation Army today. It sure is easier to downsize when you can imagine exactly the amount of space you have and where everything will go. I still have to do some Christmas purging as we decorate the house this holiday season but this is round two. And yes, I am giving away my Lagostina cookware as the handles are starting to degrade on my gas stove. I would have to say I would never buy Lagostina again as had hoped this set would have lasted many more years. Earlier this year I bought a Cuisinart set of pans and love them(purchased at 60% off of course).

Hubby saw me taking the things out to my car and vetoed giving away Screwy Reindeer with the wobbly legs and googly eyes(second picture above). He is now gracing our fireplace. Oh well, at least I know know what Christmas items hubby holds dear.

While at Sally Ann I thought I would look for spun-head vintage Christmas decorations. They certainly did have a wide selection of decorations but not what I was looking for. I would only break the "no more Christmas Crap Vow" for a spun-head. Fortunately I did come away with a great Eddie Bauer sweater $6.99 and these black leather Cleo boots for $6.99. I had passed up another pair of boots last month on my Thrift shore shopping trip as was trying to find the right pair. These are very classy and exactly what I was looking for. The photo shows them "farm fresh" (I was trying for some natural daylight in the photos) but they have already been disinfected and are awaiting hubbys talent at shoe polishing (he has a thing about shoes and vehicles).

Don't you just love thrift shopping?

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