Friday, November 4, 2011

October Grocery & Coupons Tally & the Power of the Freebie

October Food Budget (Thrifty Plan) $426.57 less $19.12 overage from September = $407.45 Budget

Actual $406.40 Woohoo made budget with $1.05 to spare which is added to Novembers Budget

Coupons used $40.50
Coupons year to date used $459.22

This month I tracked meat purchases including products that included meat like frozen pizza and meat based soups
I was shocked that most of my foodbill is non-meat items. A real eye-opener.

A completely awesome freebie week:
Free Keurig cups care of gift certificates made through
P&G Sampler
Woolite Sample
Jergins Sample

8 Free Cineplex Movie passes (to be given as Christmas Gifts) from Aeroplan

The power of free!

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