Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some of this Weeks Deals

This week a few deals and freebies:

Save on Foods:
2 Free Javex Bleach 99 cents each - $1 coupon x 2 = .08 cents including tax for both

Shoppers Drug Mart:
Dove Body Wash $1.27 each - $1 coupon x 2 = .67 cents including tax for both
Advil Nightime $4.99 each - $4 coupon x 2 = 2.48 including tax for both plus 3500 SDM points

Irish Spring Bar Soap (6 bars) .97 - $1 coupon x 2 = .04 cents including tax for both

I am limiting all bargains to what I think we can use by Spring. There is no use getting items if we have to pay to ship them. Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the stores started putting young Turkey on for .99 cents per pound this weekend. I purchased one and will have to find out how many bodies I am feeding before buying another.

This week I thought I had another virus (darn windows based products) but fortunately my antivirus managed to remove the trojan just as I was speaking to the McAfee people. For $89 USD they will get the virus off your computer without deleting all your programs and saved files. If they can't fix it they refund your money. In this case just after I paid and the technician took over my computer we had a screen flash showing the virus had been removed therefore my money was refunded.

I really hate people who spend time thinking up ways to corrupt others computers. Hubby just got an ipad for work, which is extremely user friendly. Did you know apple products rarely get viruses? There really is no buying programs to protect them, the makers of apple have made it so that hackers and viruses are unable to penetrate them. When my HP laptop croaks I will definitely get an apple product as I am tired of spending $90 per year for antivirus programs and another $90 when the viruses get around them to fix my computer.

A surefire sign of winter on its way - the Canadian geese are gathering on the ponds in our back yard in preparation for their long flights South for the winter.

The first frost also brought unusual mist at 6 am.

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