Sunday, August 21, 2011

Deals of the Week

Free Purex (at Walmart) this week
Cost $2 - $2 coupon = .10 cents tax only = 20 loads of laundry
Unfortunately this coupon is hard to come by as came with a sample of Purex so I only had one.

Free Kashi (at Walmart) this week
Cost $2 - $2 Coupon = 0 cost (no tax as food item)
Again, I only had one coupon

Cheap Tylenol Night 10 pack
Walmart $4.77 - $4 coupon = $1.01 including tax
Not a product I use, am going to try it out first. I still have 3 of these coupons if it turns into a product I like.

And finally, here is an introduction to the cheapskate pet, our furry creature Chewy.

Hamster Cage purchased used $20
(I first bought a $5 hamster cage but he got a little big around the middle so we upsized the cage)
Average cost per week for fuzz and bedding $3
Average cost per week for food .50

He is more than happy to eat up veggie and fruit leftovers.

One thing I didn't buy this week but that was on shockingly low as a loss leader at Walmart was .25 for 200 sheets of Hilroy lined binder paper. I have never seen the price so low. Obviously a ploy to attract parents shopping for back to school. It seems to have worked as Walmart was packed with frazzled parents holding school lists.

If we would not have been planning an inter-Provincial move this year I likely would have stocked up.

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