Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Deals & Freebies, and Finally a Tomato!

Well, this week I ended up with a great deal on laundry detergent. I found a Purex sale for $3.99 and had a $3 off coupon (only one) so got one bottle for .99 cents. Later the same day my 17 year old stepson called advising the new job he had just started at a local drug store was offering $1 laundry detergent to staff members only due to an overstock. Details were sketchy but as he knows what a bargain hunter I am he thought of me first. Score! When he arrived carrying a case of 6 bottles of Gain for $6 I was so happy! At best I was hoping for no name brand. I sure hope he keeps me in mind for future deals. This amount of detergent should hold us over until our Spring move.

This year I only bought two garden plants - one tomato and one pepper. Grand total $5

This week my first tomato ripened on the vine. Hubby and I shared it with dinner and it was scrumpious. There are at least 3 more tomatoes hatching (ok so I am not a gardener) and one small pepper on the vine. There must be some kind of internal clock that as soon as you turn middle aged you have a need to garden (kind of like the having kids clock but much cheaper).

I also have at least one pea sprouting although there may be a fight over who gets to eat it: the gardener (me), hubby (who loves peas) or Chewy the hamster (our fresh pea loving fuzz ball).

Freebies this week include travel size Sensodyne and Dove conditioner.

And finally, a nice sunset shot view off the back balcony of our house.

Did I mention I have already exceeded our grocery budget this month? Darn yummy barbequed meat and cherries.

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