Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garage Sale Season Has Arrived!

What a great day yesterday was: buying and planting flowers, attending four garage sales and a great barbeque dinner of chicken souvlaki with cilantro rice, corn and grilled peppers and onions. The evening was spent with hubby birdwatching a pair of ducks who have built their nest right below our house. These are the things that make me happy. Why couldn't everyday be like yesterday?

Although there have been a few garage sales in the past few weeks this is the first weekend I have been able to go. This weekend is the unofficial start to garage sales here and they usually taper off by late June with the odd one here and there after that. I firmly believe anything you require may be purchased used and garage sales do for me what Gucci does for others.

Due to a move at some point in the next year to another Province I have tried to hold back from buying physical things, sticking to food, flowers and clothing. This weekend I strayed and got some retail therapy. Total cost? $5.50


Book 50 cents called One Red Paperclip, the Canadian story of a man who documented a trade-up spree from a red paperclip to a house in the end. Very interesting read and this story made the news all over the world.

Two large popcorn bowls 50 cents each - our family watches a lot of movies together in the basement and we are forever in need of popcorn bowls.

Decorative box with tin top and leather handle $3 - this was my totally unnecessary purchase - what can I say, I collect boxes. I will find some use for it.

Travel Sized hair drayer $1 - one of our hair dryers died last week and we needed it, hubby immediately claimed it as his own

Other bargains this week:
Rexall Drug Mart, my favorite store for bargains had a selloff of Fusion razors (five blades of shaving goodness) which happens to be hubbys favorite brand.
Regular Price $13.99. Sale price $3.79 minus $2 off coupon = $1.79 each
Peek Frean Cookies regular $2.99 on sale $1.49. My favorite kind.

I was only able to purchase three but that will keep hubby in razors for a while as they each include a refill.

Used clothing from Goodwill:
Two light summery shirts for our trip to Costa Rica next month - less than a month to go!! $4.99 each total $9.98. The blue one is Liz Clairborne.

And finally, my baby peas are growing nicely. Two weeks ago I planted a packet of peas found in cupboard I was cleaning out. I have no real garden area (a mandatory requirement in our next home) so decided to experiment with container gardening. Both the hamster and hubby are happy at the future potential of fresh peas. As I have never grown peas before I was shocked at how quickly they started growing, as green buds were peeking out of the ground within five days of planting. Apparently peas are not difficult to grow as if I can grow them, anyone can.

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