Friday, May 20, 2011

Check Your Insurance Today

I usually don't discuss my day job on this blog but this week had to be one of the most frustrating depressing weeks at my job EVER. You see, I work in property insurance and Alberta is on fire with 20 out of control forest fires burning as we speak. Our masses of snow have dried up and with the howling 60 mile an hour winds we have experienced in the last two weeks forest fires have sprouted up all over. There was even a grass fire two days ago within 3 miles of our house that fortunately was quickly extinguished by fast acting fire fighters.

So everyone, please check that your house insurance is paid up now, before you need it, with sufficient limits. It is bad enough that anyone should have to go through something as terrible as a fire, flood, hurricane or tornado but if you let your house insurance lapse you may be facing financial annihilation. It will be the best money you ever spent for something hopefully you will never need. And fingers and toes crossed for those who have to face tonight without house insurance with a fire down the road.

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