Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Grocery Tally, Coupons and Freebies and Finds

Grocery Budget for April 2011 $450.00 plus $13.19 left from March=$463.19
Actual: 427.20!
Coupons used $33.12(year to date $217.00)

Freebies received this week:
P&G Sampler!

With a trip to Costa Rica on the horizon I need a few more summery clothes so stopped by Goodwill this week. Two T Shirts and two shorts = $14.99
The black shorts are brand new with original tags!

Hubby cashed in $92 in Canadian Tire money this week for a car shampooer, no photo as like a little kid he has it already stashed away in the garage. Retail $129.00 plus GST, out of pocket $43.45.

Perfectly good items to use as wrapping for birthdays and Christmas rescued from the trash (in an effort to spend no more dollars on gift wrapping)

And finally, proof that winter has finally left, the Alberta Pelicans that once were on the endangered species list landed on the pond below our house last week - exactly one day after the ice came off. Sorry the photo is not great but is a definite sign of Spring.

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