Sunday, April 24, 2011

Freebies this Week

Free issue of Elle Magazine care of some online newsletter I subscribe to (no, I will not be accepting their reduced value subscription)
Sample Dove Damage Therapy 59ml hair conditioner

I also redeemed another $5.00 GC from Swagbucks. The Christmas account is growing.

On the "move to Vancouver Island and get a life" newsfront:
Hubby told his boss of our intent, and he was told there may be possibility of a job somewhere on Vancouver Island with the same company he works for now. With four teenagers to support (plus post secondary education) this would give us some financial relief. The only problem is we are not sure when that opportunity may happen. So after a long discussion we have decided: We will wait until Spring 2012, if no opportunities have arisen we will move without full time employment and make the best of it. In the mean time we are saving our money for that move and 6 months to 1 year without a stable income. Sounds a bit crazy but after losing yet another relative this week to cancer(hubbys cousin same age as he is) we wish to live our lives how and where we want. No more delayed gratification. We have practised that our whole lives.

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