Thursday, March 10, 2011

Success! Computer Virus Defeated!

Sorry for the long duration between blog posts but a lot has happened in the 2 weeks since my last entry, the most recent of which I would like to share:

After a whirlwind weekend on Vancouver Island meeting Realtors, driving endless hours checking out towns, employment and airport access we have narrowed down our future home in Paradise: Parksville!

Home of the most moderate climate in Canada, awesome ocean beaches, very little crime, good employment (mainly due to the fact this is both a tourist and retirement town), loads of good restaurants and cheaper real estate than where we currently live in Alberta!

More posts to come (including photos) on our weekend outing and bargains but first I would like to share my experience with an Internet virus:

Vista Security Anti-Virus 2011 (or similar names)

This virus poses as a Vista program indicating you should register and give credit card number to stop the attack your computer is currently under. Pop ups keep preventing you from accessing the Internet. My beloved laptop was sicker than a dog. Fortunately from our main home computer I was able to determine this was clearly a virus.

First a call to Staples for a quote to de-virus and reinstall all my programs - also losing all my photos and saved documents. Quote was $180! Are you kidding me? And if I wanted them to salvage any documents it was even more! As the laptop is a few years old I was considering buying a new cheaper version than fixing an old one.

A little on line research into fixing it myself and I realized I was quickly over my head. I can blog but am fairly computer illiterate. to the rescue.

We currently subscribe to McAfee on all computers (buy for 1 and you can install on up to 3 for the same subscription fee) however, no matter how good an anti-virus program is, none are invincible. After going to their website (using the non-infected computer) and learning they had live service for a fee of $89 I decided this was a cheaper option.

A very nice man named Sherry fixed my computer by taking me step-by-step through the process of restarting in safe mode and allowing him access to sign on remotely and remove the virus.

I lost not one photo, not one document, and $89.95 and 45 minutes later I am now virus free. Not only did this service save me money but also time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks McAfee! You made my day

***please note this is not a paid blog post, I just believe in supporting good businesses!

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