Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Grocery Tally, Coupons and Freebies

Grocery Budget for March 2011 $450.00 plus .73 cents left from February=$450.73

Actual: 437.84!
Coupons used $78.97 (year to date $183.88)

March Freebies received:
4 capsules Advil Night
1 Mars Chocolate single bar (long gone)
1 Tazo Tea Bag (pretty bags, ok tea for those who like fru fru tea)
4 Crystal Light Singles

No Contest Wins (have not had any time to enter contests lately)
Year to date 2011 winnings $10 Beyond the Rack GC

March turned out to be a pretty good grocery month. Due to the pending move sometime this year (once house sells) I am buying less and using more of what I have.
My best bargain of the month was Contact solution that is usually $9.99 a bottle for $3.76 at Rexall- I bought 4 (sorry no photos as hubby has already carted them off) and each had an attached travel size bottle as a bonus.

One of my goals this year is to buy as little new clothing this year - trying for lowest all time budget on clothes. This includes things like nylons, shoes and accessories.

So far so good:
January: $23.96 - 1 fall coat, 1 t-shirt, 2 necklaces, 1 earrings and 1 pair pantyhose. All but the earrings and pantyhose were used. The earrings were costume jewellery marked down from $15.99 to .99 at Rexall at after Christmas sale.
February: $33.00 - 7 shirts - all used (one was 50% off day at Sally Ann)
March: $26.95 - 4 shirts all used and a necklace also used.

I don't need much in the wardrobe, in fact this weekend is time to clean out the closet. Shoes are required however, as my current work dress shoes are quite worn. I prefer new shoes and they are one item I sometimes will spend high amounts to get a decent pair so hopefully there are some sales.

Spring is suddenly upon us, high temperatures and melting snow. Posts about baby Canadian Goose watching to come!


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