Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011 Coupon, Freebie and Contest Results

January Grocery Budget: $450.00
(same goal every month unless over prior month)
Actual $481.80.

February Grocery Budget $418.20

In an effort to keep to my annual grocery budget new in 2011 is when I go over the next months budget is reduced.

This month hubby helped with some of the grocery shopping. After some review of grocery spending we both "agreed" that I am the better grocery shopper, therefore am now 100% in charge of the grocery shopping :) He is a sweet helpful man, but never looks at a grocery price (but get a car part in front of him he comparison shops all over town).

January Coupon Savings: $74.66
I could have used more coupons but then the grocery bill would go up, and bottom line is the after coupon grocery spend.

January Freebies:
1 Pair pants for work - Haggar clothing freebie
Dr Oetker 50 Calorie Mousse Free Product Coupon
Vaseline Hand lotion Free Product Coupon
Kashi Cereal Free Product Coupon
$10 in free Amazon.ca gift certificate codes from Swagbucks.com (saving this up for Christmas 2011)

January Contest Wins:
$10 credit from Beyond the Rack winning from Sweetspot.ca

I really have not been entering contests much due to full-time work, blogging, 4 stepchildren and a very busy household. I am not sure if I will use the above credit as it does not include shipping but when added to last year's same win from sweetspot.ca contest I now have a $20 credit. Likely I will wait and use this in November for another goodie for Christmas for someone on my list.

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