Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grocery and Coupon Tally 2010 Results

December blew the grocery budget, worst month in two years! Oh well, I actually stocked up therefore the freezer is full and the budget should recover this month.

December Groceries $811.47 (total honesty here)
December Coupons $39.26

In 2008 I estimate my average grocery bill was $850 per month/$10200 per year. In 2009 It likely was closer to $600 per month/$7200 per year. I kept track of coupons used in 2009 and it amounted to $1612 (first year of couponing is always the highest, sometimes buying unnecessary crap).

For the first time I can actually tally what my real grocery bill was for the year 2010:

Groceries $6125.39 (average of $510/mos)
Coupons $1273.01

I have no coupon goal for 2011, as it seems way more important to see the bottom line on money spent on groceries after coupons.

Grocery goal in 2011 $5,400 or $450 per month. This would be an overall savings of $625 off 2010.

Of course I could go even lower but we eat at home 99% of the time therefore our entertainment bill is smaller!

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