Thursday, December 2, 2010

November Coupon Tally & Christmas Candles

November Coupons Used $79.11
November Grocery Bill (after coupons) $380.73, goal was $450

Year to date coupon savings $1233.75
I can see I am going to fall well shy of my $2000 coupon savings goal, but I am actually happy about that.

You see, I am buying less or only buying items at the absolute cheapest therefore my grocery bill is consistently quite a bit lower than the $600 per month last year and waaaaay cheaper than the $900 per month in 2008. My pantry is full. I only buy things when I run out and I rarely run out. Meat and produce seem to be the major costs on the grocery budget and I am still figuring out ways to reduce those.

Freebies this month:
2 cans Campbells mushroom soup .50 each - $1 coupon off when you buy 2 = FREE
2 cans Campbells light mushroom soup $1 each - $1 off coupon x 2 = FREE
Oral B toothbrush, floss and Sensodyne toothpaste Dentist Freebie
Wild Holly Free (out of my mother's yard on Vancouver Island)

The buy no more Christmas crap campaign is going well. You can make a great sport out of Christmas window shopping. Last weekend we went out to Victoria for a couple of days holiday (Hubby had business trip and I used points - will post more about the trip later) for some R & R and to visit my mother. Vancouver Island is bountiful in the free natural Christmas department. Everything you would need to create an awesome wreath just outside your door. The candle holder below made good use of the holly and was one I already had along with the tea lights so zero spent.

Hubby seems to be in the Christmas spirit this year talking of buying some additional Christmas lights for the back fence. I talked him out of it after explaining the buy no more Christmas crap campaign, therefore we are only going to use the existing lights we own and will put up what we have this weekend.

The grocery budget could get squeezed this month with Christmas and visiting family. Plans this month are to find a young grade B turkey. Who needs a perfect bird? I buy young turkey for .99 cents a pound and they taste just as great as the $3 per pound birds if cooked correctly. Occasionally they will be missing a wing tip or have a small tear on the skin. I have been freezing bread ends for a few weeks for the famous turkey stuffing. Baking plans are simple this season, Christmas sugar cookies (triple batch) as the kids love to decorate and we all like to eat them, and microwave 3 ingredient fudge which I intend to give away to a few friends(chocolate pieces, crushed pistachio nuts and sweetened condensed milk as seen on a Nigella Lawson Christmas special) Yummo.

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