Sunday, October 3, 2010

August, September Coupon Savings & Brags

Life has been speeding by the past two months and frankly, my grocery budget and coupon savings has suffered as a result. The past month was filled with holidays and illness, both which tend to be budget busters. My monthly grocery bill goal is $450. Results are in:

Saved $59.04 in coupons
Grocery Bill $450.15

Saved $59.68 in coupons
Grocery Bill $536.47

Total coupon savings to date this year $1128.53

This months brags:

10 piece Cuisinart stainless steel pot set $139.99 - regular priced $399.00
purchased at Canadian Tire

I have been looking for several months for a good set to replace my old Lagostina set that is disappointing me. The plastic handles were crumbling from the heat and although they have a lifetime warranty I wanted to get a set that would work well on the gas stove. I got a great deal and they are much nicer than my old set.

1969 Newsweek Magazine .99 valued at $14.99 on EBAY
purchased at Good Will

I was born the summer of 1969 so when I found this at Goodwill I had to have it. Very interesting reading about the Nixon years before Watergate, the black separatist movement, go go outfits and the new Ford Mustang of 1969. This will go into my private collection but if I ever part with it I could easily sell this issue on EBAY.

7(only 3 in photo) x 50 count extra strength Advil 2.49 per box (5.99 - 2.50 coupon) regular price 11.99 per box
purchased at Royal Canadian Superstore

These were a great deal as this box normally sells for 11.99. The expiration date is April 2012 so no chance of us not using seven boxes by that time.

Bring on Fall. I look forward to cheap apples, carrots, potatoes and garlic. A homemade pumpkin pie or two, and hopefully a treasure or two at my local thrift store.

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