Sunday, August 29, 2010

Contest Wins 2010

One of my hobbies is entering contests. I have very little time to do this so only enter the contests that you can only enter once and only the ones that I truly would like the prize or would have the ability to accept the prize to give to someone I love. This way I figure that I have just as good as odds as the next guy and by avoiding unlimited contests entry and USA based contests the pool for little fish contesters like me becomes much easier to win. This is a hobby that pays:

Ten years ago when I was a travel agent I won a trip for two to Hong Kong including airfare, hotels, tours and breakfasts. I took my mother and we had a wonderful time (before I met my hubby).

This spring I went through a bout of contest entering with no results....then July the winnings started to come in:

$25 Superstore Joe Fresh Gift Card
Free product coupon from Catelli
Windowsill Herb garden

and - drum roll please:

Grand prize in a liquor contest - $4000 worth of gift cards to the Brick furniture store!

Well, three weeks ago the $4000 in gift cards arrived and we went shopping, $2600 spent so far. The rest will be spent in the next six months on a new set of coffee tables for my main floor and accessories yet to be found. I need a little more time to shop. Can you believe that after a lifetime of scrimping, saving and bargain hunting I had a hard time spending the winnings?

-Sofa and love seat

-2 lamps

-TV Stand (We had the TV - was housewarming gift to ourselves 2 years ago)

-two end tables

Our 18 year old basement furniture has left the building - by way of Kijiji and $300 in our pockets.

Recommended contesting sites in order of preference
#1 Favorite - Contest Girl - if you become a member you can record which contests you entered - Contest section (also great for coupons, deals and freebies) - Forums contest section (no you don't have to belong to look)
Contest Canada
Canadian Free Stuff

So, if you like to enter contests keep trying. Eventually something will pay off. This is one hobby that has paid off in $4046 worth of prizes this year.

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